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Welcome to Shift2Ingres open source project

Shift2Ingres database migration toolkit provides an automated solution for migrating your existing Oracle & DB2 databases and applications to Ingres R3 database server. Following are the salient features of this toolkit:

  • Simple to use
    • Fully automated migration of data from your existing database to ingres database.
    • One step, Zero code change process for migrating for your existing database applications.

  • Robust
    • Migration of Tables, Views, Grants, Sequences, PL/SQL procedures and functions, Triggers, etc
    • Generates a report on all Objects migrated and not migrated.

  • Easy to extend and maintain
    • Adding support for more migrating other databases is as simple as implementing few well defined interfaces.
    • The core engine of application migration tool needs to be upgraded only on the Ingres R3 Database Server.
    • Comprehensive and customizable logging of the data and application migration tools.

Shift2Ingres is available for public use under the BSD Open Source License.

All the code and documents are solely owned by the Shift2Ingres team. Shift2Ingres migration toolkit is available for public use under the BSD Open Source License.