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Pre-requisites | Test Suite Execution Guide | External Application being migrated


  • Running Ingres R3 Database Server
    Click here to download the latest copy of Ingres R3 Database Server
    Click here to see steps for configuring the Ingres Database Server

  • Compiled Shift2Ingres source code.
    Click here to download the latest copy of the source code
    Click here to see steps for building Shift2Ingres source code

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Running Shift2Ingres Test Suite:

  • Change directory to {S2I_SRC}/Shift2Ingres/test, where {S2I_SRC} is the directory where you unzip/untar the Shift2Ingres source code.

  • Run 'ant build'

  • Run 'ant test'

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External applications being migrated using this tool:

  • OpenCMS 5.0.1
    • Download the latest binary dostribution from :

    • Unzip the file and install opencms on tomcat (refer to its install document).

    • Add files/Change files play with the software :)

    • Stop Tomcat. Run data migration tool on the oracle database and migrate it to an Ingres database

    • Change tomcat_home/webapps/opencms/WEB-INF/config/opencms.ori & file to make them point to the ingres database and core layer port (default is 1234). change properties for
      1. # Parameters for the oracle connection-pool
      2. # Parameters for the oracle backup connection-pool
      3. # Parameters for the oracle online connection-pool

    • Start the core layer server.

    • Start tomcat server. And you are ready to enjoy opencms on Ingres!

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All the code and documents are solely owned by the Shift2Ingres team. Shift2Ingres migration toolkit is available for public use under the BSD Open Source License.