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Shift2Ingres migration toolkit is a comprehensive, robust, easy to use tool for migrating your existing Oracle/DB2 databases and applications to Ingres.

  • Business Potential
    The number of Oracle/DB2 databases and applicationss that can be migrated to Ingres using our migration tool.

    • We have covered the most commonly used Oracle/DB2 functionality.
    • Our toolkit has been tested to migrate OpenCMS (open source Content Management System) completely.

  • Architecture
    The modularity, extensibility, scalability and maintainability of our architecture.

    • Zero Source Code Change required for runnning the migrated application
    • Updating of the toolkit has to be done only at the Ingres server
    • Well defined Interface for Database Object Exporters, making it easy to add support for migrating other databases.
    • Comprehensive Base Parsers and Lexers are provided, making it east to add support for Query Conversion for other databasee.

  • Operational Efficiency and Speed
    Speed of the migrated application and Speed of migrating an application.

    • Mapping of Indexes and table structures
    • Automated execution of the 'optimizedb' command after migration
    • Fast migration using bulkloading and creation of indexes and constraint checks after data has been migrated
    • Zero code change application migration

  • Completeness of Solution
    Number of Oracle/DB2 features which can be migrated to Ingres.

    • PL/SQL Procedures, Functions and Triggers
    • Most of inbuilt Oracle Sql functions
    • Mapping of most commonly used SQL Commands
    • Basic implicit type casting support
    • JDBC Application Interface

  • Ease of Use
    Ease of migration and administration

    • Fully automated database migration.
    • Zero code change required for application migration.
    • Easy to maintain, as only has to upgrade the Core Layer. No need to update each client everytime.
    • Option of selectively migrating Oracle/DB2 database objects
    • TUI/GUI front end for migration tool

All the code and documents are solely owned by the Shift2Ingres team. Shift2Ingres migration toolkit is available for public use under the BSD Open Source License.