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System Requirements | Build Shift2Ingres source code | Configure your Ingres R3 Database Server | Troubleshoot

System Requirements for building and deploying the toolkit

  • Operating System
    • Windows - 2000/XP
    • Linux
    • Should work on other Windows and UNIX platforms

  • Software Requirements
  • Ingres Database Server
    • R3 Version of Ingres Satabase Server
    • Enable JDBC Server of the Database (iijdbc)

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Build Shift2Ingres source code
In case you face any problems, please refer to the troubleshooting section.

  • Make sure the tools mentioned in System Requirements section are installed and set in the PATH and CLASSPATH environment variables. Specifically the JAVA_HOME, ANT_HOME should be set and ANT_HOME/bin should in the system PATH.

  • Untar/Unzip the source code into a folder, say {S2I_SRC}. You can use tools like tar/zip for the same.

  • Change current directory to {S2I_SRC}/Shift2Ingres using 'cd {S2I_SRC}/Shift2Ingres' command.

  • Run 'ant build'.

  • The build creates a jars folder containing all the Shift2Ingres_*.jar files. Its also creates a 'javadoc' folder containting the java documentation for all the classes compiled.

  • Optionally, run tests on the build

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Configure your Ingres R3 Database Server

  • OME Function linking
    Use 'iilink' to add the following OME files to your Ingres Database Installation. You can refer to Ingres documentation for information on how to use 'iilink'.
    • ./core/src/sql_functions/ome/common/common.c
    • ./core/src/sql_functions/ome/common/orac_compat.c

  • Modify DBMS Server settings
    The following are configuration changes are to be made to the default Ingres Database Server Configuration, to make it work more like Oracle/DB2 database servers. Please note that the toolkit itself does not require these configuration changes.

    • Log into the operating system with Ingres Administrator Login

    • If the Ingres Server is running, stop it. Now run 'cbf' or 'vcbf' (ingres server configurators)
      • In DBMS Servers Configuration (Parameter) set:
        • set 'cursor_limit' to 32
        • set 'default_page_size' to 4096
        • set 'max_tuple_length' to 32000
        • set 'system_readlock' to NOLOCK
        • set 'system_timeout' to 120

      • In DBMS Servers Configuration > Cache set:
        • set 'DMF_cache_2k' to ON
        • set 'DMF_cache_4k' to ON
        • set 'DMF_cache_8k' to ON
        • set 'DMF_cache_16k' to ON
        • set 'DMF_cache_32k' to ON
        • set 'DMF_cache_64k' to ON

      • In Locking System Configuration set:
        • set 'per_tx_limit' to 2000

      • Save all the changes and close 'cbf' or 'vbf'

    • Run 'ingsetenv' and set variable 'ING_SET' with value 'set lockmode session where level=page, readlock=nolock, timeout=120, maxlocks=50'

    • Start the Ingres Server

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Troubleshooting build errors

  • First things first
    • Check if your Operating System is supported.
    • Make sure you have all the external software/tools (of specified version) required for the build.
    • The tools/software should be in the classpath/path as needed by them.
    • Make sure that all the system variables required by external tools to run are being set.

  • Problem 1: Build does not create any files/jars.
    Solution 1: Make sure you have the permission to create/modify directories and files.

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All the code and documents are solely owned by the Shift2Ingres team. Shift2Ingres migration toolkit is available for public use under the BSD Open Source License.